Skegness TEC invest in healthcare technology

Skegness TEC has invested £30,000 in a nursing mannequin to support health and social care students’ skills development.

The life-size mannequin will enable students to train in a life-like hospital setting, with an adult-sized interactive mannequin patient.

healthcare technology

“The mannequin will equip students uniquely for the work place by offering the ability to practice and gain experience of life-like emergencies,” says Emma Taylor Programme Leader for Level 2 Health and Social Care. 

Investment in the “Nursing Anne” mannequin is a response by the popular Skegness-based college, which is part of the TEC Partnership, to support their students to gain first-hand working knowledge of patient care. 

Pauline Simpson, Deputy Centre Manager and Programme Leader for Health and Social Care said: “We are excited to showcase this new equipment during our new students’ welcome day, Skegness Rocks, which takes place this month. Students can expect a real-life patient care simulation in our dedicated health care suite on campus.”

The mannequin can communicate through a remote pad to students operated by teaching staff, who can respond to the students’ care. 

Pauline adds, “we will talk students through care values, we will then use the mannequin as a case study as we can programme it to display symptoms of a wide range of medical emergencies such as heart failure, asthmas attacks, foetus simulation, colostomy bags, control of diabetes, wound care and vital signs monitoring to name a few.”  

When it comes to the students’ introduction to this new technology, they will start from the basics learning how to bed bath, move patients and how to communicate clearly. Moving up to more complex issues, combining those with maths for industry, manual handing, respect, dignity and privacy. 

The college are keen to link-up with relevant employers in the region and would welcome visits from industry specialists. This equipment also enables the college to facilitate training sessions with those currently working in the healthcare sector. 

Skegness TEC offer a wide range of Health and Social Care courses and encourage those interested in studying with them to get in touch via [email protected] or call the team on 0800 389 0097.