Motor Vehicle

Set your course to Motor Vehicle and we’ll give you the chance to work with up-to-date equipment, learning everything you’ll need to know

Training for a Motor Vehicle qualification is a highly-practical route for someone wanting to go into the Automotive trade and is focused on the repair and maintenance of motor vehicles.

To have a long and successful career working with cars you’ll need to mix traditional techniques and up-to-the minute skills. Our Motor Vehicle courses offer you the chance to train alongside professional technicians in our industry-equipped workshops working on real cars.

Our Motor Vehicle course Information

What you will learn

Motor Vehicle is a practical course working on the cars in the workshop giving learners the skills to remove and replace various systems including tyres, brakes and suspension as well as the principles of engines and electrical systems.

Level 1 (Diploma in Transport Maintenance)

This is an introduction to motor vehicle and gives you a foundation of knowledge with modules in: working safely, foundation skills, construction & maintenance, operating principles of tyres, brakes, steering, suspension systems, engines, electrical & electronic systems and maintenance of transmission systems.

Level 2 (Light Vehicle Maintenance and Repair Principles VRQ)

A mix of practical and theory, the Level 2 Diploma has modules across chassis & frame, engines, transmissions, electrical systems and vehicle servicing.

Level 3 (Vehicle Maintenance and Repair – City & Guilds)

At this level, you’ll be becoming a skilled technician. Learn about mechanical and electrical diagnostics in our state-of-the-art workshop and get the skills and knowledge to diagnose complex faults on vehicle systems and components.

Entry Requirements

Level 1: GCSE A-C in maths, English & science, entry diploma to Motor Vehicle/ABC Motor Vehicle repair course.

Level 2: Successful completion of Level 1.

Level 3: Successful completion of Level 2.

What Next

After successful competition of the Level 3 Diploma you would be perfectly placed to enter the world of work. There are also many universities across the UK offering degree programmes that could see you specialising in Automotive Engineering or Motorsport.